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Icons Always

Hello dear readers! I know that I’ve been not posting for a few months, but worry not as I’ve been back from that super long blogging break. I’ve been busy with my board exam and processing petition papers!

So, without keeping you waiting for too long, here’s my outfit shot! 🙂







(L) Black patent spikes, SM AccessoriesBlack rubber spikes and Star ring, Rebel Gear. Spikes ring, SuperSale Bazaar.

(R) Black rubber chain bracelet, Rebel Gear. Assorted chain bracelet, Topman. Black horn matte ring, Chinatown.


Bag, Guess.


Hair accessory, Ouchless from Goody.


Chain necklace, DIY project made by me.

Would you believe that it’s a shower curtain holder? 🙂


Oversized top, Black Sheep.


Black pants, Folded & Hung. Shoes, Toms.





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The Denim Factor

Hello everyone!

For this post I will show you how to work a denim-on-denim look! One piece of advice is that if you would want it to work you should have one shade darker/lighter than the other, you don’t want them to be on the same hues or color, because it would look like you’re wearing a jumper, remember that piece of garment? Haha!

Here’s my look:

[L] White rubber spikes, Rebel Gear. Watch, Swatch. Gold spikes connector ring, Superb bazaar.

[R] Gold infinity cuff, Oxygen. Leopard and Ram ring, Superb bazaar.

Armor gold necklace, SM Accessories. Denim button-down, Ceronias.

Transparent-framed sunnies, Folded and Hung.

Denim shorts, Westbury.

Espadrilles, Topman.

Brown leather bag, Penshoppe.

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50 Shades Darker

Hello Readers!

I actually wanted “50 shades of gray” as my peg for this shoot but it didn’t turned out nice so I changed it to “50 shades darker” agad. That’s why you’ll notice that hues that I used are gray, black, and sort of a gun metal hue.

Here are the photos!



[L] Ring with black gem, Chinatown. Barb wires bracelet in gun metal, Folded and Hung. Gun metal spikes, Topman.

[R] Bug ring, Obsessions without limit. Round ring with crystals, SM Accessories. Cuff in gun metal, Simple Joys.

Chain necklace, Topman. Silver pin necklace, SuperSale Bazaar.

Black shirt, Banana Republic

Gray and white tote, Old Navy

Printed high-cut, Converse

Harem pants, tailored made.

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Back to Basics: School Brat

Hello there! I’m so back!

I have a surprise for you my dear readers! I have a new hair-do! 🙂

And now for this post I decided to do a school brat look. The looks that you typically see in Gossip Girl, the out-of-norm school uniform! :))

I really missed going to school and wearing my uniform so I came up with this outfit.

Here it is!

Upper-East Sider peg! 🙂

(L) White and Gold Cuff and White Oval Ring, both from SuperSale Bazaar, Leopard print Ring, Bubbles 

(R) Spikes Cuff, Bubbles , Printed cloth with gold chains bracelet, SuperSale Bazaar, Gold spikes Bracelet,  Bedazzle Accessories, Moustasche Ring, Obsessions with limits 

Vintage Satchel, Ralph Lauren and Denim Shorts, Human

White crisp button-down, Arrow, Short-sleeved blazer, Mint and Gold Tassel Necklace, Bubbles

Red flats, Penshoppe

Let’s not forget to go back to basics!

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It’s a Printed World

Hello, everyone!

I’m soooooo back! And for this OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) post, I took the courage to do print-on-print look! We did this shoot for just 15 minutes! Haha!

I will not keep you waiting, here it is! Enjoy!

Paisley button-down, tailor made.

Bullet cuff, Folded and Hung. Peacock and Oval Rings, Thrifted. Peacock Ring with real peacock feather, Cheap Fashion Finds.

Camouflage shorts, Finl365. Strapped camouflage bag, bought from Japan.

Gold chain necklace, Terranova.

Kicks in different shades of green, Converse.


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Good Girl Gone Bad

Sorry for the long hiatus at this blog! But really, thanks to all of you who are reading and have been leaving comments to this blog. It makes me want to post more to have an interaction with you guys!

So, I have been invited by my friend who is writing for a lifestyle website,, to come and attend the Goody Philippines event at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium. But before posting the deets for that one, I’ll let you see first what I wore. Teehee!

You know guys, red brings out the courage in you. So if you want others to have the energy that you have, make that a positive one, wear red! Or something that will bring out the fierceness within you! 🙂

Leather strap with gold spikes in Nude and White, Wear Muave. Clock Ring, Cheap  Fashion Finds. Gold Spikes (limited edition) and white diagonal ring, both from Topman. YSL red artsy ring, Bubbles.

Red blazer, NYSquare. Shirt, Penshoppe. Necklace with chains, Topman.

Brown envelope clutch, Wade.

Khaki pants, Folded and Hung. Canvass shoes, Toms.


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Geeky Chic

Hello again, Fashion slaves! I know it’s been 10 days since my last post. I apologize for the long hiatus in blogging, because you know I’m new at this. But, I’ll be making it up to you by posting two blogposts today! Okay!

Since, Geek is considered sexy na! I decided to dress up geeky but chic! Of course you could look geek but sexy at the same time. You just need to play a little bit and go beyond your usual comfort zone, but not major major beyond! Okay!

Here’s my outfitey! I hope y’all like it!

Anung sabi ng wall with sunshine? Haha

I played with my outfit, because you know geeks are known to sports trousers. So I decided to put on shorts and use a feather necklace as a bold statement. Achieve!

One advice that I can give you is that you need to wear just one accessory that will stand out. If you decided to wear statement necklace, just sport that accessory and don’t put too much accessories! You don’t wanna look like a walking Christmas tree with ornaments? Diba?

By the way, the long red, blue and white feathers are DIY project of mine! Isn’t it cool that you make the accessories that you wear!

Small feathers statement necklace, Landmark. Camera ring, Mia Casa. Cassette tape ring, Rebel Gear. Titanium ring, Silverworks. Wrist watch, Swatch.

Beads and charms bracelet, RBeadworks. Brown bag, Patrick Cox.

Taray maka-pose! Haha

Pixelated eyeglasses, Fayeness Shop. Plaid button-down, Tailor made. Red shorts, Folded and Hung. Two-toned high cut Chuck Taylors, Converse.

Next time you go out, think outside of your comfort zone!

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Fashion Play

Just the other day I was in Las Piñas with my friends and being out of the house is a reason to dress up and be fierce.  Rowel, Marielle, Kyla, Nina and I went to eat at the famous Mang Raul’s BBQ at Almanza. We totally pigged-out that day with innards and all.

Define want to sawa? It looks like there’s a buffet table at Mang Raul’s.

After eating, we had a mock-up photo shoot at a playground in the village. Fashyown levels!

Here are my companions that day: Nina, Rowel, Marielle and Kyla.

Of course, I wouldn’t let them overpower me. Joke! This is what I wore:

They say when in doubt, wear black!


Black button-down, tailor made. Red mail bag, Lacoste. Brown shorts and sunnies, Folded and Hung. Black shoes (sorry it can’t be seen in the picture), Toms.

Don’t you love my accessories?

Black infinity cuff, Oxygen. Black and white beads used as bracelet, RBeadworks. Gun metal chain ring, SuperSale Bazaar. Other rings, Landmark.

Web cloth necklace from Bell Charm.

There’s my black shoes from Toms.

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