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Philippine Fashion Week : SPIKETACULAR

Hello my Dear Readers I’m back!

I’ve been looking for my missing pics from the Philippine Fashion Week last September (last year pa! Imagine?) and good thing I already found them so here we go.

I could still remember that I was so busy way back then that I even told to myself that I wont be able to have invites and attend the Fashion Week, until unexpectedly I got an invite via mail. I was in a panic mode that moment! haha  I immediately checked my closet to look for something to wear, one piece of clothing caught my attention and I guess  its the perfect time to wear it. I got my inspiration for this look was when I saw Apples Aberin (One of the Judge from Project Runway Philippines) wore a simple tank top, denim shorty shorts and pairing it up with a White Blazer full of studs and Spikes at one of the episode from the show and i was like, OMG! told to myself that one day I’ll wear the same thing at Fashion Week but I’ll give it a twist!

Here’s my not so Spikey Outfit! Hope you’ll all like it!:)


Spikes Head Band, Bubbles


Head Band, Bubbles

                                  White Blazer with Spikes & Studs, DIY 

10                                                       Closer look of the Details.


(L) White Rubber Spikes, Girlshoppe; Two Layered Silver Spikes, SM Accessories; White Spikes, Rebel Gear; Silver Spikes Connector Ring, SuperSale Bazaar.

(R) Jeremy Scott Wings Watch, Swatch; Silver Triangle and Spikes Ring, SuperSale Bazaar.12

Gray Tank Top, Hanes; Shorts, Human; Clutch Bag, Paco Rabanne

14                                                                                 High Cut, Converse

5 1

Later that night, I changed my Denim Shorts into Pants .



When in doubt, Overdress!

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