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Philippine Fashion Week : SPIKETACULAR

Hello my Dear Readers I’m back!

I’ve been looking for my missing pics from the Philippine Fashion Week last September (last year pa! Imagine?) and good thing I already found them so here we go.

I could still remember that I was so busy way back then that I even told to myself that I wont be able to have invites and attend the Fashion Week, until unexpectedly I got an invite via mail. I was in a panic mode that moment! haha  I immediately checked my closet to look for something to wear, one piece of clothing caught my attention and I guess  its the perfect time to wear it. I got my inspiration for this look was when I saw Apples Aberin (One of the Judge from Project Runway Philippines) wore a simple tank top, denim shorty shorts and pairing it up with a White Blazer full of studs and Spikes at one of the episode from the show and i was like, OMG! told to myself that one day I’ll wear the same thing at Fashion Week but I’ll give it a twist!

Here’s my not so Spikey Outfit! Hope you’ll all like it!:)


Spikes Head Band, Bubbles


Head Band, Bubbles

                                  White Blazer with Spikes & Studs, DIY 

10                                                       Closer look of the Details.


(L) White Rubber Spikes, Girlshoppe; Two Layered Silver Spikes, SM Accessories; White Spikes, Rebel Gear; Silver Spikes Connector Ring, SuperSale Bazaar.

(R) Jeremy Scott Wings Watch, Swatch; Silver Triangle and Spikes Ring, SuperSale Bazaar.12

Gray Tank Top, Hanes; Shorts, Human; Clutch Bag, Paco Rabanne

14                                                                                 High Cut, Converse

5 1

Later that night, I changed my Denim Shorts into Pants .



When in doubt, Overdress!

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Icons Always

Hello dear readers! I know that I’ve been not posting for a few months, but worry not as I’ve been back from that super long blogging break. I’ve been busy with my board exam and processing petition papers!

So, without keeping you waiting for too long, here’s my outfit shot! 🙂







(L) Black patent spikes, SM AccessoriesBlack rubber spikes and Star ring, Rebel Gear. Spikes ring, SuperSale Bazaar.

(R) Black rubber chain bracelet, Rebel Gear. Assorted chain bracelet, Topman. Black horn matte ring, Chinatown.


Bag, Guess.


Hair accessory, Ouchless from Goody.


Chain necklace, DIY project made by me.

Would you believe that it’s a shower curtain holder? 🙂


Oversized top, Black Sheep.


Black pants, Folded & Hung. Shoes, Toms.





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DIY: denim vest

A lot of you, dear readers, are asking me to post a DIY, do-it-yourself, project that I have done. So, here goes one of my recent DIY project. My friend, Nirielle, has a denim button-down from her father that she wanted to use. So she asked me if I could turn the button-down into a vest or something.

Here’s the Wrangler denim button-down she wanted me to turn into a vest.

What I did was I cut the sleeves off, so that it would look like this:

From that, I used vintage studs that I bought from the local fabric stores and placed some of it at the tip of the collar.

I also placed studs at the shoulder part of the garment.

Of course after I cut the sleeves, I loosened the threads so that it would have a rugged look that would add a twist to the vest. I added more studs at the front pockets.

For the final product, I styled three looks on Nirielle.

First look: Sweet Nautical

I paired the vest with this dress that has red and white vertical lines, which looks perfect with the blue denim.

Second Look: Asian Invasion

I styled her hair with a Cinderella bun, which speaks very Korean. I also incorporated the look with bold prints. It looks very punk and street style.

Third Look: Ready-to-go Chic

For this one I paired the vest with short shorts and tank top since summer is coming soon! :))



I would really love to hear your comments on this project! I’ll read them soon! 🙂