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Modern Totem

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  Hi guys! April is fast approaching and before you have your retreats and vacays somewhere for the lenten season, I’ll share first my outfit post for this month. 

  Jeremy scott is one of my fave designers. He literally put the impossible into flesh with his creations and designs. He’s a god’s gift and brought to us the wings from heaven. His designs is not for the normcore tho but who cares? It is the season of rebellion in fashion realm. If you’re the type of person who has his/her own sense of invididuality in style instead of relying on the basic trends, then you’ll definitely love him and his works. You’ve prolly saw the his Totem design for Adidas Originals. Contemporary art at it’s finest. He gave a modern twist to the totem with the graffiti like print & colors that speaks loudly. Same colors that big fashion houses is using these days like Balmain & Givenchy. I wasn’t able to purchased the totem collection tho when t’was first released bec I had some other priorities until last year I was able to finally purchased the Jacket and other designs of The adidas JS shoes. I died for the nth time. They’re quite pricey but no regrets felt in the name of fashion. So expect more of my JS shoes in my upcoming outfit posts.
  There are some days I feel like wearing monochrome numbers like gray, white or mostly all black, there are also days like today that I feel like wearing colorful pieces and when I say colorful, I mean it. Like the whole color blocking game is on point. For this look, I want to sport a modern indian feels with a kick of sporty vibes. Since the totem is very native indians I went back to half shaved hairstyle which originates to the indian’s mohawks. To balance the bold print in my look I wore a simple green round neck tee, electric blue skater skirt and varsity socks that matches the iconic adidas lines as seen in the side sleeves of the jacket. I top off my look with some f21 gold accessories like the earrings & cuff that has aztec or tribal print in it together with the dainty feathers necklace. Just imagine Tiger Lily as a modern day cheerleader and you’ll get my inspo! *wink*
Here it is free spirits.. šŸ™‚
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Gold Aztec Earrings, Forever 21
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Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Totem Jacket, Adidas Originals; Green Shirt, Gap; Gold Dainty Feather necklace, Forever 21
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(Back details of the Jacket)
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(R) Gold Aztec Cuff, Forever 21; Gold Mid Rings, Forever21
(L) Gold Structured Triangle Ring, Supersale Bazaar
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White leather folded clutch bag, Terranova
Electric Blue Skater Skirt, Old Navy
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White Varsity Socks, Supersale bazaar; Jeremy Scott Totem Shoes, Adidas Originals
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