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Shades of Grey

wide                             Charlie tango. English Breakfast Tea. Blackberry Emails.

  Now you probably got an idea what this outfit post is all about! Another novel was put into the big screen. I’ve actually read the 50 Shades Books like 2-3 years ago and I’m not sure if I could still recall the last page I stop in the 50 shades darker book. I was so busy that time that I can’t even continue reading the second book til the third one. The story is very racy yet romantic like if you’ll go gaga over Christian Grey, I wouldn’t blame you. It’s inevitable! Haha I’m pretty sure you’ve seen already the movie. Any thoughts with the movie? The actors? Rumor has it that Jamie Dornan won’t continue his role as Mr. Grey, finger crossing it’s not true because honestly we still need to see more of Jamie’s… Face! Yes face in the next 50 shades films! Haha (wink)
Now for my outfit, I just basically wore gray ensembles that you can wear also wear whether you’re in the office, event or even in a romantic dinner. The main piece for this outfit for me is the over-sized gray vest. It is structured and very Avant Garde. Since Anastasia Steele has bangs and loves wearing casual office combos, I also incorporated those ideas in this look. Silver & gun metal accessories goes well with the gloomy contrast. My silver cuff with small chains in it and my cuff ring gives BDSM feels like CG. To give a color to my look, I put on my crimson red lippies to reflect the color of the red room of pain but i guess you wont appreciate that color bec I put on a grey filter to my pics because I want to stick to the gray theme so the crimson color became darker.
Aiming to please you guys, here’s my take to the Shades of grey..
close up
                                Gun Metal ID Necklaces, Forever 21
body shot
                               Over-sized Gray Vest, A.D. Moon; Gray button down, Tailor Made
rings(R) Silver Cuff, Forever 21, Stone Ring, SM Accessories; Silver & Gun metal mid rings, Forever 21
(L) Gun Metal ID bracelet, Forever 21; Silver Cuff Ring, Glorietta
                                Gun metal-Hologram structured Clutch Bag, Tonic Bags & Shoes
                                Black Skinny Jeans, Forever 21; Gray Loafers, Milanos
half body

“He waits, staring out of the window, master of his universe.. staring down at the people below from this castle in the sky.”  – Anastasia Steele

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