Summer Siren

Hi Guys! How’s your Summer going? Unfortunately Summer in the Philippines is over and we’ve already welcome the Rainy Season. Hashtag SAD FACE. Lol

I’ll be sharing to guys the Outing that I had slash Birthday Celebration with my friends last month. We have this thing in my group that sometimes if we don’t have time to like celebrate our birthdays with our friends due to conflict of schedules, the last celebrant will have talk to the next celebrant and they will plan how they are going to celebrate their birthdays together. It’s a usual thing in our group. That’s why when one of my friend (an April celebrant) asked me to do a joint b-day celeb with her, I immediately agreed with the idea since I have this feeling before that if I’ll be inviting my friends for a b-day celebration on the same date of my birthday, like most of them won’t be able to attend since they are busy bees. First Plan was to do it anytime in May and I want an Out of town escaped because I was so stressed way back then and I fee like my group don’t have outings anymore so long like the chain must be broken soon. Two of our friends (fellow “May Celebrant Babies”) heard about the plan and decided to joined us as well. Imagine even our friend who’ll be celebrating his birthday on June also agreed to joined in the plan. So celebrants and most of our friends will be coming. Were all set. Funds is not a problemo at all since there were 5 of us who can shoulder things for this trip. The only thing missing was the venue. Yes! we don’t have venue until we found one like five days before the planned date. After weeks of calling every resort and trying to reserved a slot in a pick season, ‘Twas a relief! We found a Resort which is the Coconut Hills Beach Island and Dive Resort in Anilao, Batangas. Since there were 10 of us and only 1 car is available which can only accomodate 5 people including the driver, we don’t have a choice but to take a Bus. We also ride a jeepney when we reached the Grand Station and bought some stuff we need at the Market located in the Pier as well before heading to the resort.

This was taken after we shopped in the market and waiting for the next service boat to arrived.

This was taken after we shopped in the market and waiting for the next service boat to arrived.

While we’re on our way to the island resort, we encountered a big sea Turtle and Dolphins swimming around. I fell in love with the view, it was so relaxing like the word “UNWIND” is already sinking my body that time. This is totes the break I need. Away from the stressful manila. ‘Twas a relief as well that the weather that day was ever in our favor. Sunny and def perfect for a day of outing with friends.

asset (15)

asset (17)

We reached the Resort witihin 20-25 mins of boat ride. The Resort was good. BBQ grills, Plam trees, Volleyball court, white sand (not as white and fine as Boracay tho), Clean water and not too crowded. I must say the expenses we had for this trip was all worth it and it was very affordable. We had so much fun. Stresses were all washed away in an overnight staycation with this beautiful wonder of nature.

asset (18)

asset (14)

Nice place right? Now I’ll be sharing my outfit on that day. Summer wouldn’t be complete without a get up that suits the season. So when we first planned about this outing I was so excited and already thought of having a shoot at the venue and so I did. To be honest I don’t have a VS Model’s body so I decided to wore something that is showing enough skin and very comfy outfit. Florals, Shells and Starfish were some of the elements I utilized. Summer is also time for Flipflops so somehow I obliged myself to buy a Havaianas Sandals since I was also looking for a sandals that time and Havaianas Freedom is too cute to ignore so I got one. I also wore flower crown but it was not mine. I left mine in the house and totally forgot about it so I have to borrow my friend’s. Like I was about to cry when I remembered about it while we were already on our way to Batangas. Hashtag FAIL. You can also observe the new hairstyle that I was sporting that time. Let me get your thoughts and violent reactions about it! Haha

So here it is, Sorry for the inconsistency of the quality and color of the pics tho because some pictures were taken afternoon and some during twilight.

asset (10)

asset (2) Gold Cage Sunnies, Black Sheep


White and Gold Necklace, Chinatown

asset (1) Starfish Cuff, Floral Ring, Pink Pyramid Ring, Sea Shell Ring and Yellow Leather Cuff  all from Chinatown

asset (19)  Oversized Cardigan, Thrifted; Pink Tank Top, George; Floral Skater Skirt, Blacksheep

asset (3) Floral Envelope Clutch Bag, Bubbles

Don't mind my little Toes pls. I insist. Haha

Don’t mind my little Toes pls. I insist. Haha 

Gold Havaianas Freedom, Havaianas

asset (9)

asset (6)

asset (7)

asset (8)

asset (5)

asset (11) “SUMMER: Hair gets lighter. Skin get darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks gets colder. Music gets louder. Nights gets longer. Life gets better.” 

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