Black Birthday

Hi everyone! how’s your summer going? I bet you all enjoyed your staycations from the different summer destinations here in the Philippines. before we say goodbye to the month of May, lemme have my outfit post first.

Month of May is very special to me. Not just because it’s summer, but it is also my birth month. Any guesses how old I am now? I think you already got it! Let’s just keep that as a secret. (wink)  LOL

My birthday celebration this year was as simple as last year. My friends and I went to SM Aura to Aura (kidding!)  and had a dinner slash mother’s day celebration with the Fambam at Romeo’s Restaurant, Antipolo which has the relaxing vibe due to the over looking view of the City Lights by night.

So for my birthday outfit, I just wanted it to be minimal yet very me. I think the best way to achieved that is to wear one of my happy colors.. Black. Yes I know what you’re thinking. “black is not a happy color”, “seriously? black on your special day?” blah blah blah. But the thing is I just woke up that day feeling like I’m a villain, more likely to be Maleficent and since I wanted it to be minimal yet very me, I decided to wear black all the way. Honestly I have no regrets with that. I couldn’t think of any color that would satisfy my inner villain that day other than black. And Seriously, If I only had a Maleficent-ish horn that day, I would wear it and rock the Maleficent peg all night long.

Here it is, I edited it in a dark way to achieved the villain vibe out of my outfit and hoping you’ll love it guys 🙂

asset (11)


asset (4) Silver mirror sunnies, Folded and Hung

asset (2) Gun metal ID necklace, Forever 21; Black crisp polo, Tailor’s made; Black shawl cardigan with leather, Forever 21

asset (3) (L) Bundle Bracelet, Topman; Silver watch, Swatch

(R) Gun metal barbed wire, Folded and Hung; Black stack ring and Black claw rings both from Chinatown

asset (1) Candy Wrapper Clutch Bag, Martin Maison margiela x H&M

asset Black skinny jeans, Forever 21; Black velvet loafers, Milanos

asset (10)

asset (7)

asset (6)

asset (8)

asset (5)

 “The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good on you.”   -Coco Chanel

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