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Fantastic Four

Hello to my Geeky Readers out there! I’m busy bee these days that’s why if you observed, I only got one outfit post per month and I bet ya’ll wanna know why, right? I’ll share it tho some other time bec I am planning to relate or make that reason as for my future outfit post. Anyways I missed blogging. Not updating my blog gives me the feeling of guilt everyday and I wouldn’t let the month of march to end without having an outfit post.

I assume that you all heard about the remake of Fantastic Four. Any thoughts about the chosen stars to play the main characters? well for me, I’m hoping that they’ll own the role and gave justice to the fresh take of the movie but I’m missing Chris Evans tho as the Human Torch. He’s literally smokin’ hot from the F4 movies, if you watched it before and you know what I mean! (Wink) LOL

Fantastic Four is the main piece for this outfit post. One time when my friend and I were strolling around the mall, we found this ThriftSshop and that’s where I found the Hero of this outfit. Honestly, Thrift Shops are Heaven. This place is a treasure trove of not just affordable pieces but also unique, branded and vintage stuffs. I found there a legit Marvel Fantastic Four shirt in a mint condition, like never been worn at all. It was love at first sight all over again. My inner Rebecca Bloomwood woke up again and then here came the “compulsive buying” without checking the price tag (which later on that day, I found that it has same price as the brand new ones in the malls). I paired the main star with some pieces that works well with the color of the shirt. I also made DIY accessories for this one. Using my old Kinect Toy (lego-ish type of toy from 90’s) gave me the ultimate flashback of my childhood. Ugh! Time Flies so fast..

Here it is 🙂



earringComic print &  Black Matte triangle Earring, both from Fudge Rock

necklaceKinect necklace, DIY

bodyFantastic Four Shirt, Marvel; Purple Cardigan, Mark & Spencer

hand(L) Yellow Rubber Spikes, Girlshoppe; White Monochrome Watch, Swatch; Bubble Bracelet, WSN; Titanium Ring, Silverworks; Blue Beaded Ring, DIY

(R) Kinect Cuff, DIY; White round Ring, Chinatown

bagSilver Structured Hologram Clutch Bag, Tonic bags & shoes

shoes Khaki pants, Forever21; Blue Desert Boots, Topman






 “Playing Dress-up begins at age Five and never truly ends.”   -Kate Spade

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