Swagger jagger

Merry Christmas Everybody! The Holidays are here. Are you dressed to impress?

I know it’s Christmas but since I wanted to be different, I avoided peg-ing all of the Christmas fuzz for my holiday style. Why not sport a look with a swag on a Christmas day. My inspo for this look is Riri (as always! LOL) and I also got inspired from Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger Music Vid. The music is not so 2013 but still I love the beat and the clothes she wore? I was amazed! she definitely put a bad gal attitude to it. It was so sporty, so bizarre yet so dope! All of the looks embodied the street wear so perfectly. So it gave me so much ideas for an outfit. Good thing Varsity tees or Baseball tees are so in demand these days that I had to own one. New found friends like Boy London, Jeremy Scott, and Margiela made a good trio connection for this one. Here it is, hope you’ll love it guys as much as you love unwrapping your gifts.. 🙂



f5916b07-d6b8-4c07-90f4-c37f85b3b1be Boy London Snapback, Heur Sheen 

b29d2585-2312-4f12-9630-593eed5270b6 Big Two-Toned Chain Necklace, WSN; Silver Lion Necklace, SuperSale Bazaar; Three-Toned Chain Necklace, Topman

fa95c0f2-8998-4e08-9489-7e5ec84a0a3e Jersey Shirt, IMPRINTGRAFFITEE; Pants, Forever 21

32c5eacb-3dee-4de1-8b54-61146ea28aa5 (L) Love the Way you Lie Baller, Me & You; Casio Watch, Gift; Silver Bracelet, Charriol; Finger Cuffs, Glorietta

(R) Roman Numerals Cuff, Gift; Black Star Ring, Rebel gear, White leather with Studs Ring, Chinatown

a27d4206-f837-4242-89c9-f361edf4f145 Silver Candy Wrapper Clutch Bag, H&M x Martin Maison Margiela; Black Mesh Cardigan, Thrifted

8b516d99-4961-43fb-8bb3-62d2e7dbf50f Leopard Sneakers, Adidas x Jeremy Scott





8e09fcba-4742-4f4d-b263-5b6ed893e219 “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”  -Coco Chanel

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