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Swagger jagger

Merry Christmas Everybody! The Holidays are here. Are you dressed to impress?

I know it’s Christmas but since I wanted to be different, I avoided peg-ing all of the Christmas fuzz for my holiday style. Why not sport a look with a swag on a Christmas day. My inspo for this look is Riri (as always! LOL) and I also got inspired from Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger Music Vid. The music is not so 2013 but still I love the beat and the clothes she wore? I was amazed! she definitely put a bad gal attitude to it. It was so sporty, so bizarre yet so dope! All of the looks embodied the street wear so perfectly. So it gave me so much ideas for an outfit. Good thing Varsity tees or Baseball tees are so in demand these days that I had to own one. New found friends like Boy London, Jeremy Scott, and Margiela made a good trio connection for this one. Here it is, hope you’ll love it guys as much as you love unwrapping your gifts.. 🙂



f5916b07-d6b8-4c07-90f4-c37f85b3b1be Boy London Snapback, Heur Sheen 

b29d2585-2312-4f12-9630-593eed5270b6 Big Two-Toned Chain Necklace, WSN; Silver Lion Necklace, SuperSale Bazaar; Three-Toned Chain Necklace, Topman

fa95c0f2-8998-4e08-9489-7e5ec84a0a3e Jersey Shirt, IMPRINTGRAFFITEE; Pants, Forever 21

32c5eacb-3dee-4de1-8b54-61146ea28aa5 (L) Love the Way you Lie Baller, Me & You; Casio Watch, Gift; Silver Bracelet, Charriol; Finger Cuffs, Glorietta

(R) Roman Numerals Cuff, Gift; Black Star Ring, Rebel gear, White leather with Studs Ring, Chinatown

a27d4206-f837-4242-89c9-f361edf4f145 Silver Candy Wrapper Clutch Bag, H&M x Martin Maison Margiela; Black Mesh Cardigan, Thrifted

8b516d99-4961-43fb-8bb3-62d2e7dbf50f Leopard Sneakers, Adidas x Jeremy Scott





8e09fcba-4742-4f4d-b263-5b6ed893e219 “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”  -Coco Chanel

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Diamonds World Tour: Shine Bright like a Pharaoh

Hi Guys I’m so back! Sorry for not posting outfit posts for 2 months. Anyway who else here got a chance to see Riri’s Diamond World Tour? Let me hear your thoughts or experiences during the concert my fellow Navy! Sadly after 96 shows all over the world and 8 months on the road, DWT has come to and end. Riri performed the final show last November 15 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Good thing I was so lucky to see the concert before it ends and I’ll share my “Diamond’ moment together with my OOTD now. 🙂

Being a huge fan of Riri and knowing she’s having a concert that started earlier this year, I’ve been dying to hear that she’ll have a concert here in Manila. So when they announced that its already happening, I almost faint in excitement. LOL I immediately called my friend and ask her is she could come with me to watch it, without second thinking she agreed. We waited for months for the availability of tickets and we got ours like a week before the concert starts. We didn’t bought the Super VIP Tickets tho because we think it is way too expensive for a concert. (FYI: For a Record, so far only Rihanna holds the title of an artist to have the most expensive concert ever in the history of the Philippine Concert Scene) It was the first concert I ever watched and I literally didn’t slept that night due to over excitement and pressure. The night of the concert has finally come but my plans with my friend didn’t went well so my intervention is to get rid off all the negative vibes in me, I asked her to chill at SM Arena’s Lounge (..which has bar! a life saver!) since we also have lot of time before the event starts. 2d66b1ca-8a99-4d51-8f22-1055e6fa5d2e While chilling and trying out the local Jack & Coke, Promo gals in disguise approached me and ask me that if I can trade my Tix to be with them instead of watching the concert and I was given 10 secs to answer Yes or No.I took the risk and replied a big Yes. In a snap, my “Shining like a Diamond” Moment happened. The rest of the crew that was scattered inside the lounge started to draw closer to me and they simultaneously congratulated me while giving me Two SVIP Tix for the concert as my reward. I kept on thanking them that night. Scoring Two SVIP Tix in the most expensive concert in the country of my fave Artist was more than just an icing in the cake.75415819-5db4-4e59-96be-c36654925a9cWith all of the flashing lights of the camera, confetti everywhere and a hummingbird heart beat, I was in the cloud nine that time. I wanna throw up, cry and shout with happiness all of the same time. It felt like I won a million bucks in a lottery or my debut happening all over again. It was indeed my shining moment. The moment I’ve been waiting for that night. My Diamond moment.

Riri was 2 hours late tho but with the Tix I got, walking in a SVIP red carpet, seats beside the celebrities and an epic concert, all of the waiting paid off. Here are some of the pics I took on the concert.. (sorry for the  low quality of the pics ’cause I was too busy dancing in the beat of Riri’s songs! Hihi)


















"Shine Bright tonight..''

“Shine Bright tonight..”


Now lets talk about my Outfit, didn’t got a chance to take my OOTD that night and so I planned to have a shoot wearing another outfit instead wearing the one I wore at the concert. My inspo for this one is obviously Rihanna itself, her gold accessories, and her love for the pharaohs-egypt. Here’s my very Riri outfit.. 🙂


2f2056a2-79a8-4abf-8122-6b03403db7e0 Gold Lion Earrings, SuperSale Bazaar

fc3a3269-3240-46bf-9fd9-0f0e6b166641 Gold Lion Necklace and Gold Chains, SuperSaleBazaar

20eaf350-a9ec-4fed-9b90-1babb1ff035f (L)  Gold Lion Bracelet, SuperSale Bazaar; A168WG Gold Vintage Casio Watch, Lovemyblingz; Blue Eye Ring, SuperSale Bazaar

(R) Gold Lion Bracelet, SuperSale Bazaar; Gold Triangle Ring, Noel Bazaar; Gold Wings Ring, SuperSale Bazaar

8bfb6db8-de9d-433a-8831-e277d928380b Gold Pharaoh Sweater, The Nerve Clothing: Black Skinny Jeans, Forever 21

647fb6de-85a5-4bfe-88b4-f9875a639cfd Gold Holographic Clutch Bag, Tonic Bags & Shoes

d61a96d6-4efd-45ec-a782-fa620eabf6ae_0 Black Boots, Wade







“Wear the clothes. Don’t let them wear you.”  -Rihanna

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