Grey Prism

Is it just me or the actors chosen to play the lead characters for the 50 Shades of Grey Movie is really disappointing? SMH. Well lets all be honest guys, those chosen actors ain’t the power house cast we had in mind while imagining what does Christian Grey or Anatasia Steele would look like in the big screen, right?

Speaking of  50 Shades of Grey, ever since the trilogy was out, the color itself gave me ideas to made some looks out of it. If you could still remember guys that I’ve posted an outfit wearing some Gray (/Grey) ensembles before but it didn’t stop me there, I told to myself that next time I’ll come up with another look sporting the theme color and so I did. I injected a Red color though to the look just to add a pop of color and avoid being too saturated with the gloomy shades. This outfit is actually Bizarre but has its Avant-Street attack in it. You can also clearly see the mixed influence of Jedi, Samurai and X-ray Film from the look. Who would have thought someone could pulled off an outfit out of those three? haha

Here it is.. 🙂

7b933039-5f56-40e5-9191-f83c02ad956c (1)


658fb469-8a62-497a-bd4d-19fa59afccee  Gray Braided Web Necklace, Terranova; Dark Gray & Red Web Necklace, Bell Charm

0267aa95-64dc-441a-bc5a-f3670a0a4cc3  X-ray Dress, from Japan; Oversized Gray Cardigan, Thrifted; Black shorts, Folded and Hung

beadc696-685e-49d1-aa8e-236cc601b549   (L) Gun Metal Cuff & Cross connector Ring, WSN

(R) Gun Metal Diamond and Black round Ring, SM Accessories

e272d908-9e6b-49c4-9258-b2830411f769  Gray Bag, Mandarin Duck

8676739a-5148-47a1-b62c-95f740d8117c Red Shoes, Penshoppe






 “Fashion is not about looking back. It’s always about looking forward.”  -Anna Wintour

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