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Hello Readers! Sorry for not updating my blog it’s just that I’ve been busy but now I’m so back blogging again. Tehee! 🙂

Weather has gone bad lately and it cost many areas in our country some great floods (my prayers are for those victims of floods) but that doesn’t stop me from having a shoot and making an outfit post. Boy London is one of the most hyped and trending brand these days. Two things that I love about the pieces from this brand: the Color which is Monochrome (Black & White) it is so classy, so street style, and very now. Second is the Logo which is the Eagle with wings stretched, it reminds me of a native indian’s totem pole, rihanna’s Isis tattoo at her upper abdomen and the look of the eagle itself is very tribal which I love. For this outfit, I wore my Boy London shirt in my fave design on it pairing it up with a dark jeggings. The days maybe gloomy and rainy, but don on brightly-colored accessories such as neons or colorful pieces and things will be lighter and brighter! 🙂

Here it is hope you’ll like it guys..


13ff6308-0752-4841-ae35-3655d4e04ce1  Neon Yellow Headband, SuperSale Bazaar

0ce2e16e-637a-4aee-9505-d1c09bf5556e  Neon Yellow Spikes Necklace, SuperSale Bazaar; Boy London Shirt, Heur Sheen Boutique

04da4861-3960-496c-9e3b-2ee7ff9f18a8  (L) Neon Yellow Armcandies, SuperSale Bazaar and Bubbles

(R) Gold Spikes Cuff, either from Giftsahoy or Cravemore; Neon Yellow Spikes Ring and Neon Yellow Chevron Ring, Chinatown

8d208e43-b5bd-4d32-8cf6-426cdced23ff  Neon Yellow-Aztec Envelope Clutch, Bubbles

db1ea649-b84b-450c-b56c-86eeba6b50b5  Dark Jeggings, Forever 21; Colorful Stripes Socks, SM Dept. Store; Shoes, Toms






 “In order to be Irreplaceable, one must always be Different.”  -Coco Chanel

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