This outfit post was actually posted before already but for some I don’t know reasons, it was deleted here in my blog. Since I can’t avoid the fact that it’s missing and I felt guilty about it, I have to start again and reblog it (insert poker face here). On the bright side, the pics are so meant to be for today, Throwback Thursday! LOL

My outfit is mainly about Flowers or Floral. I wore floral pieces, shades that’s more likely we see at botanical gardens, and once again, I made a DIY Flower Crown to add finishing touch to my look. Here’s an important Tips for you my dear readers, if you’re going to wear two pieces of clothing in floral prints at the same time, make sure to wear a top which has a smaller print than your bottom or vice versa. Wearing different colors of prints that doesn’t compliment each other avoids the idea of being matchy-matchy and it will work well. Try my tips and you’ll surely be rocking your Floral outfit in style!

PS: Would like to thank my Photographer and Bestie, Jean Marie Gonzales for taking pics mostly all of my outfits here in my blog. You’re indeed a patience photogs. And to commemorate your works, this outfit post is for you! not to mention this one is actually your first shoot ever with me as my official photographer! 🙂


b188be36-633a-4c1a-bce4-a0e5b48f7e2d  Pink Flower Crown, DIY

76ac56e9-b7a5-4c2f-a0a0-0ddbc747a99b_0  Bridgetta Necklace, Bubbles; Floral Button Down Polo, Tailor’s Made

59c68c94-c248-4524-aace-dc85130a0397_0 (L) Pink Rubber Spikes, Girlshoppe; Gold Spikes Bracelet, Bedazzle Accessories; Fuschia Pink Patent Spikes Bracelet, Supersale Bazaar; Mint with Gold Spikes Cuff, Bubbles; Pink Oval Rin, Chinatown

(R) Gold Horn Ring and Gold Fox Ears, SuperSale Bazaar


Floral Envelope Clutch, Bubbles; Green Shorts, Folded and Hung

7fffed8e-1692-4522-84ac-6b3d99b1f1e4_0  Nude Flats, Toms





8e998748-9491-4dab-a6dc-7061b147a489_0  “Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”
―Susan Polis Schutz

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