I’ve always been fascinated by Avant Garde and Androgenous Fashion! It’s very edgy, unique, and minimal yet has a big impact. Maybe people won’t understand the essence of it, but who cares? It’s the era of fashion where in free styling and street style abide no rule, just like on the last season’s fashion weeks in which they’ve greatly influenced designers and brands from one way to another. Guys wearing skirts is also an eye candy for me! It reminds me of my fave brand, Givenchy. Street Style with a mixed of Avant Garde-Adro is a fashiongasm!

Ever since I started blogging, my taste for fashion has evolved, my ideas widened and now I’m considering being limitless for possibilities. So I tried incorporating an avant-andro-street style into one outfit for the first time. I just wore an Over-sized top and skirt, some edgy accessories and sticked with the Black & White theme color. I’m not sure though if I wore it right but I guess being a beginner is a good excuse! Anyway this outfit is about me and how I’ve interpreted an avant-andro-street style.

Here it is Guys ..


f00a2459-e065-4cf5-b37f-2d3ed09c3337  Silver Headband with long spikes, Bubbles; Small black headband with short spikes, SuperSale Bazaar

a5f5cb1f-15f7-4e09-8fa8-7ab1d8b84dd3_0  Zipper Necklace, Rebel Gear; Layers Necklace, World Bazaar; Over-sized Printed Star Shirt, Black sheep

8d21d598-b423-4bad-9554-68a5c8b8ed6d  (L) Black and White Cuf, WSN; Black Star Ring, Rebel Gear

(R) Barb Wire Bracelets, Folded and Hung; Skull Armor Rings, Chinatown

057b0d86-7fb3-450c-badc-478ab960f35e  Back Leather Bag, Gucci; Over-sized Skirt, from Japan; Black Stockings, SM Department Store

54b3fe8f-c219-49a9-9d5b-146617714331  Black Leather Boots, Wade






   “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”  – Bob Marley

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One thought on “LoveSickStar

  1. rizellemanalo says:

    Parang Goddess ang peg ng photoshoot na to. Pramis :)) 👍😍 Yung bag! Ang ganda!

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