One of the best look and never goes out of style for the Summer Season is Nautical. I have to say I’m a big fan! It’s very classic and I could personally feel I’m close to the beach whenever I’m wearing a very nautical outfit.

 My ideal Nautical outfit consists of a stripes tees (strictly Red-White-Blue colors only), shorts or any comfy bottoms, boat shoes or espadrilles and any accessories that goes well to it. Since normal is boring, I have to break my ideal standards for this one! Color of the year is Green so I decided to change my standard colors of Red-White-Blue into Green-White-Blue. Sunnies for summer was given, so I wore a geeky specs and the more accessories I wore, the better.

  Month of June is fast approaching so better sport a Nautical Look before Summer Ends! Here it is, hope you’ll like guys 🙂


b655c3d5-a899-4b38-8100-3075ae0083ce  Matte Duo Color Eyewear, The Glam House Shop

b56c772c-48b2-4618-8587-be223a00f459  Blue Braided Cloth Necklace, Terranova; Stripes Shirt, Black Sheep

80210174-1ace-4009-adf8-cd8c75250440 (L) Cartier Inspired Bracelet, Gift; Light Blue Gems Bracelet, from Japan; Chain with Spikes, SuperSale Bazzar; Peace Sign and Light Blue Cross Stone Bracelets, both from Chinatown; Silver Metal Ribbon Ring, SuperSale Bazaar

(R) Light Blue Stone Ring and Bug Ring, both from Chinatown

e94bd604-3407-4ad4-84af-917bcd360c23  Blue Skinny Jeans, Forever 21; Green Leather Bag, J.Crew

461e52f0-9d11-4452-a0dd-f1c87fc89dc5  Stripes Espadrilles, Topman





d9cf3125-fa38-48d6-8ad7-d29792719bef Don’t sail away from your fears. Enjoy the fierce journey towards your dreams and avoid sea sickness while you’re at it.

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3 thoughts on “Nautical

  1. Nikko Panti says:

    Where did you buy the J.Crew green leather tote bag?

  2. rizellemanalo says:

    Im so loving your ribbon ring. Hihi 😀 Solid yung bag, green talaga? Hahaha! Ganda nito gurl! Parang casual pero comfy tignan. 😀

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