Summer Vibes

Summer just started! The best part of it is not about the Trips and enjoying the Heat but also it’s the perfect time of the year to finally use those stacked stuffs in your closet that you’ve been saving up for Summer. You just have to be stylish when it comes to “Mix and Matching”. Comfort without sacrificing the style is also a point to consider!

Now let’s talk about my outfit, it was actually my first time to wear a skirt in a public place, I started a bit shy, but in the end I really did enjoyed it! Good thing the fabric of the skirt is flowy and comfy. Playing up with Bright Colors is very appropriate for the season but I added Neutral Colors to balance everything and avoid saturation with the bright ones. All in all, this summer outfit for me is about being Young, Fresh, and Fun!


1da343fd-191d-446f-8dd8-6f7c1fe15fa7 Make up, MAC Cosmetics

880f0851-967e-4523-beaf-fc57044edb3a Multi Colored Spikes Necklace, SuperSale Bazaar; Stripes Tank Top; Blacksheep; White Cardigans; Bench

11222291-4d93-4596-bd17-efdd1a998174 (L) Pink Rubber Spikes; Girlshoppe; Yellow Snap on Watch, World Bazaar; Neon Green and Neon Orange Spikes Bracelets, Chinatown; Transparent Swirl Ring, SM Accessories

(R) Orange Leather with Big Spikes Cuff, Wear Mauve; Multi Color Bubbles Bracelet, WSN; Blue Rubber Spikes, Girlshoppe; Pacman Rings and Multi Color Beaded Ring, Chinatown

ea5589f4-8234-4c74-971d-c36b6052b2fb Gray Skirt, from Japan; Floral print Enevelope Clutch, Bubbles

edf049d7-a02a-466c-9e75-e0b37870ae63 High Cut Sneakers, Pony







“For Beautiful Eyes, look for good things in others, For Beautiful Lips, speak only words of kindness. And for Poise, walk with knowledge that you are never alone” -Audrey Hepburn

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One thought on “Summer Vibes

  1. rizellemanalo says:

    Pinaka gusto ko to! Hahaha promise! Mas mukha ka pang girl kesa sakin! Wahahaha! Ang ganda nung shirt, cardigan, and skirt! As in. Super bumagay dun sa accessories mo and sa bag! 👍😊❤

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