Military Cut

Have you seen Rihanna’s Half Shaved and Ombre Hairstyle? I super duper loving it! And since Riri is my “Peg for life”, why not sport a Half Shaved Hairstyle too? Wish I made it Ombre for a long time too though! Anyway lets talk about my outfit now, Camo Prints are making its come back and so I decided to have an outfit post for it.

My inspirations for this look was Riri’s Navy role for the Battleship Movie, Katy Perry’s Part of Me Music Video, and Tomboy-ish girl street style! Salute to all Tough, Strong, and Brave Women all around the world, this is for you Gals! ūüôā

c654939d-4952-4ebc-9bfc-04e6f99fe8a9¬†Weather is kinda weird when we shoot ¬†this outfit, one minute it’s Sunny and the next minute it’s Windy-Gloomy so that explains the¬†inconsistency¬†of brightness for some pictures here.

113b3346-370c-4ff8-bc06-0009a6f82b74 Camo Club Master Sunnies, Cotton On

e1167d19-5389-4ea3-9fa7-e0004af30a44 Armor Gold Necklace, SM Accessories; Gold Spikes Necklace, Chinatown; Camo print Shirt, Black Sheep

fab7a7ee-32fc-4c1d-a37f-de22113b6025 (L) Black Leather with Gold Skulls Cuff, WSN; Green Leather with Big Spikes Cuff, Wear Mauve; Black Skulls Bracelet, Chinatown; Gold Triangular Ring, SuperSale Bazaar; Black Artsy Ring, Bubbles

(R) Snake Cuff, WSN; Matte Black  Link Ring, Chinatown 

1e921610-75c0-4570-9e3f-f111066ffa59 Strapped Camouflage bag, bought from japan

4fd5761a-4124-47c0-b771-19c52f42e3e3 Khaki Pants, Forever21; Black Leather Boots, Wade








A little bit of  Danger is what makes Life worth Living.

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