Lately, I’ve been listening to Pink’s song which is “So What”. I just love the song though it’s all about break up, revenge and be a Rockstar! Well that’s a given hint already to where I got my inspiration for this look besides the title itself. I’m too shy to admit it but I’m a frustrated Rockstar and maybe that’s one of the reason why is also love Music. So I tried to sport a Rockstar look in my own way and hoping I gave it a Justice!LOL ūüôā


16 Sunnies, Folded and Hung

20 Gun Metal Spikes and Black Skulls Necklaces, Chinatown; Shirt, Human

25 (L) Silver Chains with Spikes, SuperSale Bazaar; White skulls, WSN; Silver Skulls, Chinatown; Black Leather with studs and Spike Ring, KirinKirin

(R) Silver & Gun Metal Chains, Topman; Black Matte Skull Ring & Silver Spinal Ring, Chinatown

22 Plaid Back Pack, Gap

19 Leather Boots, Wade




23 2 

So What? I am a ROCKSTAR, I got my Rock Moves!

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