Pop of Colors

Gossip Girl already ended after 6 years of airing and entertaining many people world-wide with the scandalous lives of the Non-judging Breakfast Club. SAD! 😦  Since I’m a self confessed GG fanatic, I decided to come up with a style inspired by the Gossip Girl Characters, if you could still remember I already did a GG inspired look before but this time it’s not anymore about being the school brat, but a more mature one just like how the fashion sense &  style of the characters evolved through the years like Chuck from scarf to bow tie, Blair from Skirts to Designer Dresses and so on. This outfit was mixed of styles. Hope y’all like it especially the Gossip Girl Fans out there!:)

10  Solid Colors and Color Blocking reminds me so much of Serena & Vanessa!:)

4 Green Blazer, Barbara Garfield; Yellow Button Down, Tailor’s Made; Snow Leopard Bow Tie, Black Sheep

2 Pink Cuff with Big Gold Spikes, Wear Mauve; Wooden Beads, Chinatown; Stripes Watch, Swatch; Gold Triangle Ring, Noel Bazaar

1Bucket Bag, Lacoste; Blue Pants, Forever 21

3 Toshi Embro Slipper/Shoes, Rajo Laurel for Milanos

I could see Chuck Bass wearing them!:)







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