Dark Side

I’ve been dying to have a Black Boots. I searched  for stores that has it and after all the brands in my list, it boils down to two Brands which is Forever 21 and Wade. Unfortunately Forever 21 run out of stocks with the boots that i want so I had to go for Wade. Anyway lets talk about this outfit, I always wanted to do a “Wednesday & Pugsley Addams”-ish style outfit. I don’t know but I have this undying love for color Black! Maybe be Im a true blood rocker-slash-punk! LOL  So here’s my Addams-ish outfit!:)



Eyeshadow, Lancome; Eyeliner, Mac Cosmetics

18 Boyfriend’s Polo, Tailor’s Made; Black Bow, Carolinas

19 (L) Black Spikes, SM Accessories; Black Rubber Chain, Rebel Gear; Black Beads, Chinatown;Stripes Watch, American BLVD; Two Skulls Ring, Chinatown

(R) Gold Skull Ring 7 Black Matte Spikes link Ring, Chinatown

9 Bag, Nine West; Black Jeans, Forever 21

10 Black leather Boots, Wade

Another New fave shoes has made its official debut too on my blog and again, I’ll use this babies for my upcoming look posts! (insert evil laugh here)






We all have our Dark Side!

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