Gold Rush

This was taken last December before christmas when my friends and I had our Christmas Party at Makati. For this Outfit, I got inspired with the Black Velvet texture and Gold Embroided details of my Toshi Embro Shoes by Rajo Laurel for Milanos. I just fell in love with this shoes that I didn’t even wait for christmas just to have it!haha Its very simple yet luxe and classy. The colors I used for this outfit was mainly Black and Gold but I injected color of red just to balance everything. By the way, I had my hair shaved again and I guess this is the extreme so far! LOL


2 Earrings, Grafitee & Fudge Rock

7 Square Cats Eye Sunnies, Onymous Online Shop

4 Black Sheer Long Sleeve with Gold Collar Tips, Strings ; Holi Necklace, Holic Accessories

19 (L) Black Cuff with Big Spikes, Wear Mauve; Gold chain with Spikes, SuperSale Bazaar; Black Rubber Chain,Rebel Gear; Long Gold Spikes, Supersale Bazaar

(R) White Ring &  Two Faces Leopard Ring, SuperSale Bazaar

6 Leopard Print Envelope Clutch, Flight of Fancy; Red Pants, Forever 21

5 Toshi Embro Slippers, Rajo Laurel for Milanos

It has finally made its official debut on my blog! Expect more of this Toshi for my upcoming outfit posts!hihi 🙂






Not everyone was born with a Silver Spoon in their Mouth, others were GOLD!

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