Neon Yellow

One of my Fave Color is Yellow and since Neons are in today, why not love them both right?

When I saw the Denim Top with Neon Yellow Spikes at Black Sheep, I never knew Denim will be a good match with Neon so I immediately bought it. I’m also obsessed with Aztec Prints! Good thing I found an Envelope Clutch at Bubbles when I went to SuperSale Bazaar. The best part of this Envelope Clutch is not just about the Print but it also has Neon Yellow Color in it. Denim + Aztec + Neon Yellow = LOVE! 🙂

Here it is!


4 Denim Polo with Neon Yellow Spikes, Black Sheep; Neon Yellow Bejewelled Necklace, Noel Bazaar

16 Back Details.

8 Two Layered Neon Yellow Spikes, Giftsahoy; Gold Spikes Connector Ring, SuperSale Bazaar; Pyramid &  Spikes Neon Yellow Rings, Chinatown

17 Envelope Clutch, Bubbles; Khaki Pants, Forever 21

3 High Cut Sneakers, Pony





Be yourself  and Shine Bright!

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