DIY: denim vest

A lot of you, dear readers, are asking me to post a DIY, do-it-yourself, project that I have done. So, here goes one of my recent DIY project. My friend, Nirielle, has a denim button-down from her father that she wanted to use. So she asked me if I could turn the button-down into a vest or something.

Here’s the Wrangler denim button-down she wanted me to turn into a vest.

What I did was I cut the sleeves off, so that it would look like this:

From that, I used vintage studs that I bought from the local fabric stores and placed some of it at the tip of the collar.

I also placed studs at the shoulder part of the garment.

Of course after I cut the sleeves, I loosened the threads so that it would have a rugged look that would add a twist to the vest. I added more studs at the front pockets.

For the final product, I styled three looks on Nirielle.

First look: Sweet Nautical

I paired the vest with this dress that has red and white vertical lines, which looks perfect with the blue denim.

Second Look: Asian Invasion

I styled her hair with a Cinderella bun, which speaks very Korean. I also incorporated the look with bold prints. It looks very punk and street style.

Third Look: Ready-to-go Chic

For this one I paired the vest with short shorts and tank top since summer is coming soon! :))



I would really love to hear your comments on this project! I’ll read them soon! 🙂



8 thoughts on “DIY: denim vest

  1. Hanabishi28 says:

    I love the Asian invasion makeover 😉 so really cute and vintage look 😉

  2. Tim G says:

    Nicely done!

  3. good job tons ❤

    I, too, love ur style 🙂

  4. Lhei says:

    love the third style.. very creative with your DIY denim polo turned into vest 🙂

  5. vipchangjo says:

    where did you buy the studs? 🙂

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