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50 Shades Darker

Hello Readers!

I actually wanted “50 shades of gray” as my peg for this shoot but it didn’t turned out nice so I changed it to “50 shades darker” agad. That’s why you’ll notice that hues that I used are gray, black, and sort of a gun metal hue.

Here are the photos!



[L] Ring with black gem, Chinatown. Barb wires bracelet in gun metal, Folded and Hung. Gun metal spikes, Topman.

[R] Bug ring, Obsessions without limit. Round ring with crystals, SM Accessories. Cuff in gun metal, Simple Joys.

Chain necklace, Topman. Silver pin necklace, SuperSale Bazaar.

Black shirt, Banana Republic

Gray and white tote, Old Navy

Printed high-cut, Converse

Harem pants, tailored made.

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Back to Basics: School Brat

Hello there! I’m so back!

I have a surprise for you my dear readers! I have a new hair-do! 🙂

And now for this post I decided to do a school brat look. The looks that you typically see in Gossip Girl, the out-of-norm school uniform! :))

I really missed going to school and wearing my uniform so I came up with this outfit.

Here it is!

Upper-East Sider peg! 🙂

(L) White and Gold Cuff and White Oval Ring, both from SuperSale Bazaar, Leopard print Ring, Bubbles 

(R) Spikes Cuff, Bubbles , Printed cloth with gold chains bracelet, SuperSale Bazaar, Gold spikes Bracelet,  Bedazzle Accessories, Moustasche Ring, Obsessions with limits 

Vintage Satchel, Ralph Lauren and Denim Shorts, Human

White crisp button-down, Arrow, Short-sleeved blazer, Mint and Gold Tassel Necklace, Bubbles

Red flats, Penshoppe

Let’s not forget to go back to basics!

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Fashion Risk: Color Blocking

Hello, everyone!

I did a shoot last week and we’re expecting the sun to show up but it didn’t. But you know it didn’t stop me to shoot this look! Haha!

It’s my first time to do color blocking like this! Haha! I advise you all to take a risk when it comes to fashion, because you’ll never know that the look will suit you if you will not try it! Diba? So go out of your normal comfort zone. 🙂

So, readers here it is!


Necklace, Bubbles

High-waist shorts in Tangerine, Just for Me; Neon Bag, Old Navy

(L) Neon Spikes, Bedazzle Accessories; Gold Spikes Connector Ring, Thrifted

(R) Watch, S.T.A.M.P; Blue artsy ring, Bubbles; Gold triangle ring, Thrifted; Neon Spikes, Bedazzle Accessories

High cut sneakers, Converse

Multicolored neon spikes, Bedazzle Accessories

Pink button-down, Just for Me


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It’s a Printed World

Hello, everyone!

I’m soooooo back! And for this OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) post, I took the courage to do print-on-print look! We did this shoot for just 15 minutes! Haha!

I will not keep you waiting, here it is! Enjoy!

Paisley button-down, tailor made.

Bullet cuff, Folded and Hung. Peacock and Oval Rings, Thrifted. Peacock Ring with real peacock feather, Cheap Fashion Finds.

Camouflage shorts, Finl365. Strapped camouflage bag, bought from Japan.

Gold chain necklace, Terranova.

Kicks in different shades of green, Converse.


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