Party Animal

Just last week, my friend invited me to go clubbing at Palladium at Makati. Of course, mega outfitey! Dress to impress ang peg!

I was with my college friends that day but I don’t have that much photos to share. I just have my lookbook photo, spell fashyown! I had fun with them, it’s about time to party after long months of studying and reviewing for the board exams!

I will not keep you waiting! Here’s my outfitey that night!

Ready to Parteeeeh!

Here’s what I wore, in details:

Of course, accessories!

Black clutch bag, SM Department Store. Spikes connector ring, SM Accessories. Black, silver and gunmetal chains, Topman.

Another DIY Project!

The blazer on the photo above is an old one and I decided to do something to revive it! Yes, I placed spikes and chains on the part of its shoulder pads. Does it look great? This blazer gets a lot of compliments from friends!

More accessories, more fun!

Silver leopard ring and Black spikes cuff, both from Folded and Hung. Oval and Fox Ear rings, SM Accessories.

Animal print shirt, thriftedSilver plate necklace, Fayeness Shop. Blue jeans, Folded and Hung. Two-toned high cut Chuck Taylors, Converse.


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27 thoughts on “Party Animal

  1. Nirielle says:

    You made your blazer! Cool! Maybe you can help me with my father’s old denim jacket. I wanna use it kaso kailangan ng onting style! Keep it up with this blog. And you should do a “do it yourself” segment here sa blog mo. 😉

    • Toni Tones says:

      Yup Nirielle! I would be glad to help! We could definitely do something to give that denim jacket a modern twist!:) maybe a studs and spikes may do! What you think? About the “DYI Segment”, i have started my current project! The idea of sharing a DIY before i started it didnt crossed my mind!SAYANG! Maybe next time for my next project or maybe ill share the DIY with Denim Jacket of yours when we start collaborating and working on it it!:)

  2. Madelyne says:

    Great outfit! It suits you a lot!

  3. jhe says:

    (a heart-felt thanks for sharing your look.)

    I guess you enjoy your night back then.
    With that look, oh Goddess!
    for-sure you’ll be the talked of the town.

    People will turn their heads!

    I hyped the colour combi.


  4. Lhei says:

    i love the outfit specially ur DIY blazer 🙂 love the accessories too! 🙂

  5. Benj says:

    Licensed to party indeed!;)

  6. kat says:

    super love the DIY jacket…i was also getting fond of altering my unused clothes because im so greedy to give them up^_^ haaaa love ko na din tong blog mo^_^ looking forward to reading more posts from you^_^ i’ll check this from time to time^_^

    • Toni Tones says:

      I love doing DIY stuffs and its good to know youre lovig it too!✂ Thank you kat!😀 Ill be expecting you na to be one of my blog follower whenever i have new posts!😊 So keep updated!😉

  7. Froilan says:

    The colors matched perfectly. Overall, the outfit is great.

  8. Marian says:

    I love the spikes connector rings and the DIY jacket! It’s really a dress to kill :)) Your outfit is perfect! ❤

  9. Toni Tones says:

    Thank you Marian! Keep updated to my new posts soon!😀

  10. janninekai says:

    looking great! Wanna know about your DIY projects its cool and very unique, character speaks to whose wearing it!😃

  11. Toni Tones says:

    Thank you Jannine Kai!😊 well then keep updated to my blog for i might have a new DIY project again and post it here as well!😊

  12. Nicka says:

    I love the Chucks :)) Awesome blazer :)) You just added some accessories and VOILA! Rock star mode 😀

  13. Rizelle says:

    Palladium Baby ❤ Ang gondo! Hahaha! Fresh and Fierce! ❤

  14. Toni Tones says:

    Yeah i know! Twas a blast! Thank you Rizelle!😊 Keep updated to my blog!😊

  15. Shena says:

    i love your outfit! it definitely defines you. 🙂

  16. Toni Tones says:

    Thank You Shena! Keep updated to my blog!😊

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