Geeky Chic

Hello again, Fashion slaves! I know it’s been 10 days since my last post. I apologize for the long hiatus in blogging, because you know I’m new at this. But, I’ll be making it up to you by posting two blogposts today! Okay!

Since, Geek is considered sexy na! I decided to dress up geeky but chic! Of course you could look geek but sexy at the same time. You just need to play a little bit and go beyond your usual comfort zone, but not major major beyond! Okay!

Here’s my outfitey! I hope y’all like it!

Anung sabi ng wall with sunshine? Haha

I played with my outfit, because you know geeks are known to sports trousers. So I decided to put on shorts and use a feather necklace as a bold statement. Achieve!

One advice that I can give you is that you need to wear just one accessory that will stand out. If you decided to wear statement necklace, just sport that accessory and don’t put too much accessories! You don’t wanna look like a walking Christmas tree with ornaments? Diba?

By the way, the long red, blue and white feathers are DIY project of mine! Isn’t it cool that you make the accessories that you wear!

Small feathers statement necklace, Landmark. Camera ring, Mia Casa. Cassette tape ring, Rebel Gear. Titanium ring, Silverworks. Wrist watch, Swatch.

Beads and charms bracelet, RBeadworks. Brown bag, Patrick Cox.

Taray maka-pose! Haha

Pixelated eyeglasses, Fayeness Shop. Plaid button-down, Tailor made. Red shorts, Folded and Hung. Two-toned high cut Chuck Taylors, Converse.

Next time you go out, think outside of your comfort zone!

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17 thoughts on “Geeky Chic

  1. Ana Marcial says:

    what can I say? 🙂 you already .. I love the camera ring! 🙂 more postings okay?! 🙂 :-*

  2. Carla says:

    Wow! You already baby☺☺😘 Keep posting photos👍

  3. Madelyne says:

    Cool posts right there! Looking forward to more blogs!

  4. Lhei says:

    love the necklace 🙂 certified fashionista! ❤

  5. jhe says:

    TRUE!!!!! NERDY IS SEXY nowadays,
    BUT!! (of course But’s is always in the scene).

    NERXY or Nerdy that Sexy is too hard to achieve but in this entry you really fierce it.
    I never thought that being bold is also sexy.

    (Red dominates other colours, though.

    The bag really compliment the shoes.

    Side thoughts: I’m not into wearing too much accessories, though.

    • Toni Tones says:

      Thank you Jhe!:) Twas actually my first time to wore a super shorty above the knee shorts in public and im happy with the positive feedbacks i got from it!:) About the accessories thing, accessories for me are just like the icing in the cake or a cherry on top of a sundae! Without it outfit will be plain and dead. Wearing too much or just wear one statement piece is a choice! Just like the Fashion Bloggers nowadays, i choose to be a maximalist instead of being a minimalist in wearing accessories! Thank you and keep updated to my blog!:)

  6. whoa! so pretty accessories #FIERCE 🙂

  7. janninekai says:

    what can I say fierce indeed!

  8. Toni Tones says:

    Thank you jannine Kai! Guess we aim to be fierce !haha😉

  9. Nicka says:

    Colorful hues 🙂 And they’re not overwhelming which gives you a refreshing, vibrant aura 😀 Great job!

  10. Toni Tones says:

    Thank you Nicka! I actually love the colors of blue, white and red all together! Keep updated to my blog!😊

  11. brie says:

    this one is cute. simple and fierce 😀 kaw na talaga toni.

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