Fashion Play

Just the other day I was in Las Piñas with my friends and being out of the house is a reason to dress up and be fierce.  Rowel, Marielle, Kyla, Nina and I went to eat at the famous Mang Raul’s BBQ at Almanza. We totally pigged-out that day with innards and all.

Define want to sawa? It looks like there’s a buffet table at Mang Raul’s.

After eating, we had a mock-up photo shoot at a playground in the village. Fashyown levels!

Here are my companions that day: Nina, Rowel, Marielle and Kyla.

Of course, I wouldn’t let them overpower me. Joke! This is what I wore:

They say when in doubt, wear black!


Black button-down, tailor made. Red mail bag, Lacoste. Brown shorts and sunnies, Folded and Hung. Black shoes (sorry it can’t be seen in the picture), Toms.

Don’t you love my accessories?

Black infinity cuff, Oxygen. Black and white beads used as bracelet, RBeadworks. Gun metal chain ring, SuperSale Bazaar. Other rings, Landmark.

Web cloth necklace from Bell Charm.

There’s my black shoes from Toms.

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10 thoughts on “Fashion Play

  1. “They say when in doubt, wear black!” IDOL you’re so cool, Certified FASHIONISTA XD

    • Toni Tones says:

      But wearing Black isnt enough! Maybe spice it up by adding statement necklace or attenion seeker necklaces and youll definitely rock the black top!:) Thank you so much Alvin! Keep updated with tonmy blog!:)

  2. kat says:

    so in love with the lip ring^_^

  3. Toni Tones says:

    Thank you Kat! I love it too 👄

  4. Love the shades and accessories!

  5. Toni Tones says:

    Thank you Alvet!😊 Keep updated to my blog!😀

  6. janninekai says:

    soo lovin’ the outfit and the necklace so classy!

  7. Toni Tones says:

    Thank you Jannine! Keep updated to my blog for new posts!😊

  8. Nicka says:

    I want the black infinity cuff for myself! What more to say? ISAAAAAW! ❤

  9. Toni Tones says:

    Thank you Nicka, i actually have a gold one pa! Might use it to my posts soon so keep updated to my blog!😊

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