Modern Totem

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  Hi guys! April is fast approaching and before you have your retreats and vacays somewhere for the lenten season, I’ll share first my outfit post for this month. 

  Jeremy scott is one of my fave designers. He literally put the impossible into flesh with his creations and designs. He’s a god’s gift and brought to us the wings from heaven. His designs is not for the normcore tho but who cares? It is the season of rebellion in fashion realm. If you’re the type of person who has his/her own sense of invididuality in style instead of relying on the basic trends, then you’ll definitely love him and his works. You’ve prolly saw the his Totem design for Adidas Originals. Contemporary art at it’s finest. He gave a modern twist to the totem with the graffiti like print & colors that speaks loudly. Same colors that big fashion houses is using these days like Balmain & Givenchy. I wasn’t able to purchased the totem collection tho when t’was first released bec I had some other priorities until last year I was able to finally purchased the Jacket and other designs of The adidas JS shoes. I died for the nth time. They’re quite pricey but no regrets felt in the name of fashion. So expect more of my JS shoes in my upcoming outfit posts.
  There are some days I feel like wearing monochrome numbers like gray, white or mostly all black, there are also days like today that I feel like wearing colorful pieces and when I say colorful, I mean it. Like the whole color blocking game is on point. For this look, I want to sport a modern indian feels with a kick of sporty vibes. Since the totem is very native indians I went back to half shaved hairstyle which originates to the indian’s mohawks. To balance the bold print in my look I wore a simple green round neck tee, electric blue skater skirt and varsity socks that matches the iconic adidas lines as seen in the side sleeves of the jacket. I top off my look with some f21 gold accessories like the earrings & cuff that has aztec or tribal print in it together with the dainty feathers necklace. Just imagine Tiger Lily as a modern day cheerleader and you’ll get my inspo! *wink*
Here it is free spirits.. 🙂
FullSizeRender (6)
FullSizeRender (7)
Gold Aztec Earrings, Forever 21
FullSizeRender (8)
Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Totem Jacket, Adidas Originals; Green Shirt, Gap; Gold Dainty Feather necklace, Forever 21
FullSizeRender (5)
(Back details of the Jacket)
FullSizeRender (1)
(R) Gold Aztec Cuff, Forever 21; Gold Mid Rings, Forever21
(L) Gold Structured Triangle Ring, Supersale Bazaar
FullSizeRender (2)
White leather folded clutch bag, Terranova
Electric Blue Skater Skirt, Old Navy
FullSizeRender (3)
White Varsity Socks, Supersale bazaar; Jeremy Scott Totem Shoes, Adidas Originals
FullSizeRender (11)
FullSizeRender (10)
FullSizeRender (9)

“I wanna make a difference. I wanna leave an impression. Start a f**cking parade.”  – Rita Ora

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Shades of Grey

wide                             Charlie tango. English Breakfast Tea. Blackberry Emails.

  Now you probably got an idea what this outfit post is all about! Another novel was put into the big screen. I’ve actually read the 50 Shades Books like 2-3 years ago and I’m not sure if I could still recall the last page I stop in the 50 shades darker book. I was so busy that time that I can’t even continue reading the second book til the third one. The story is very racy yet romantic like if you’ll go gaga over Christian Grey, I wouldn’t blame you. It’s inevitable! Haha I’m pretty sure you’ve seen already the movie. Any thoughts with the movie? The actors? Rumor has it that Jamie Dornan won’t continue his role as Mr. Grey, finger crossing it’s not true because honestly we still need to see more of Jamie’s… Face! Yes face in the next 50 shades films! Haha (wink)
Now for my outfit, I just basically wore gray ensembles that you can wear also wear whether you’re in the office, event or even in a romantic dinner. The main piece for this outfit for me is the over-sized gray vest. It is structured and very Avant Garde. Since Anastasia Steele has bangs and loves wearing casual office combos, I also incorporated those ideas in this look. Silver & gun metal accessories goes well with the gloomy contrast. My silver cuff with small chains in it and my cuff ring gives BDSM feels like CG. To give a color to my look, I put on my crimson red lippies to reflect the color of the red room of pain but i guess you wont appreciate that color bec I put on a grey filter to my pics because I want to stick to the gray theme so the crimson color became darker.
Aiming to please you guys, here’s my take to the Shades of grey..
close up
                                Gun Metal ID Necklaces, Forever 21
body shot
                               Over-sized Gray Vest, A.D. Moon; Gray button down, Tailor Made
rings(R) Silver Cuff, Forever 21, Stone Ring, SM Accessories; Silver & Gun metal mid rings, Forever 21
(L) Gun Metal ID bracelet, Forever 21; Silver Cuff Ring, Glorietta
                                Gun metal-Hologram structured Clutch Bag, Tonic Bags & Shoes
                                Black Skinny Jeans, Forever 21; Gray Loafers, Milanos
half body

“He waits, staring out of the window, master of his universe.. staring down at the people below from this castle in the sky.”  – Anastasia Steele

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H&M Rob Manila Opening + Blank Space

Hi guys! I’m so back after 6-7 months of not blogging due to my busy sched with work. I would like to greet ya’ll a happy 2015 and since it’s new year I swore to myself that as much as possible I will rock this year with style and hoping that I could update my blog at least once a month. Expect new style and new fashion pieces from me this year.

I would also like to share my fun experience last month as for my first blog entry. I bet tons of fashionistas and bloggers out there are loving the H&M stores. I know the FEELS guys because I, myself too have been waiting for the fashion franchise to hit the country and hearing last year that a first H&M store will open at SM Megamall, t’was dream came true. Following months more H&M stores opened around the metro and last month, 20th of December Continue reading

Summer Siren

Hi Guys! How’s your Summer going? Unfortunately Summer in the Philippines is over and we’ve already welcome the Rainy Season. Hashtag SAD FACE. Lol

I’ll be sharing to guys the Outing that I had slash Birthday Celebration with my friends last month. We have this thing in my group that sometimes if we don’t have time to like celebrate our birthdays with our friends due to conflict of schedules, the last celebrant will have talk to the next celebrant and they will plan how they are going to celebrate their birthdays together. It’s a usual thing in our group. That’s why when one of my friend (an April celebrant) asked me to do a joint b-day celeb with her, I immediately agreed with the idea since I have this feeling before that if I’ll be inviting my friends for a b-day celebration on the same date of my birthday, like most of them won’t be able to attend since they are busy bees. First Plan was to do it anytime in May and I want an Out of town escaped because I was so stressed way back then and I fee like my group don’t have outings anymore so long like the chain must be broken soon. Two of our friends (fellow “May Celebrant Babies”) heard about the plan and decided to joined us as well. Imagine even our friend who’ll be celebrating his birthday on June also agreed to joined in the plan. So celebrants and most of our friends will be coming. Were all set. Funds is not a problemo at all since there were 5 of us who can shoulder things for this trip. The only thing missing was the venue. Yes! we don’t have venue until we found one like five days before the planned date. After weeks of calling every resort and trying to reserved a slot in a pick season, ‘Twas a relief! We found a Resort which is the Coconut Hills Beach Island and Dive Resort in Anilao, Batangas. Since there were 10 of us and only 1 car is available which can only accomodate 5 people including the driver, we don’t have a choice but to take a Bus. We also ride a jeepney when we reached the Grand Station and bought some stuff we need at the Market located in the Pier as well before heading to the resort.

This was taken after we shopped in the market and waiting for the next service boat to arrived.

This was taken after we shopped in the market and waiting for the next service boat to arrived.

While we’re on our way to the island resort, we encountered a big sea Turtle and Dolphins swimming around. I fell in love with the view, it was so relaxing like the word “UNWIND” is already sinking my body that time. This is totes the break I need. Away from the stressful manila. ‘Twas a relief as well that the weather that day was ever in our favor. Sunny and def perfect for a day of outing with friends.

asset (15)

asset (17)

We reached the Resort witihin 20-25 mins of boat ride. The Resort was good. BBQ grills, Plam trees, Volleyball court, white sand (not as white and fine as Boracay tho), Clean water and not too crowded. I must say the expenses we had for this trip was all worth it and it was very affordable. We had so much fun. Stresses were all washed away in an overnight staycation with this beautiful wonder of nature.

asset (18)

asset (14)

Nice place right? Now I’ll be sharing my outfit on that day. Summer wouldn’t be complete without a get up that suits the season. So when we first planned about this outing I was so excited and already thought of having a shoot at the venue and so I did. To be honest I don’t have a VS Model’s body so I decided to wore something that is showing enough skin and very comfy outfit. Florals, Shells and Starfish were some of the elements I utilized. Summer is also time for Flipflops so somehow I obliged myself to buy a Havaianas Sandals since I was also looking for a sandals that time and Havaianas Freedom is too cute to ignore so I got one. I also wore flower crown but it was not mine. I left mine in the house and totally forgot about it so I have to borrow my friend’s. Like I was about to cry when I remembered about it while we were already on our way to Batangas. Hashtag FAIL. You can also observe the new hairstyle that I was sporting that time. Let me get your thoughts and violent reactions about it! Haha

So here it is, Sorry for the inconsistency of the quality and color of the pics tho because some pictures were taken afternoon and some during twilight.

asset (10)

asset (2) Gold Cage Sunnies, Black Sheep


White and Gold Necklace, Chinatown

asset (1) Starfish Cuff, Floral Ring, Pink Pyramid Ring, Sea Shell Ring and Yellow Leather Cuff  all from Chinatown

asset (19)  Oversized Cardigan, Thrifted; Pink Tank Top, George; Floral Skater Skirt, Blacksheep

asset (3) Floral Envelope Clutch Bag, Bubbles

Don't mind my little Toes pls. I insist. Haha

Don’t mind my little Toes pls. I insist. Haha 

Gold Havaianas Freedom, Havaianas

asset (9)

asset (6)

asset (7)

asset (8)

asset (5)

asset (11) “SUMMER: Hair gets lighter. Skin get darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks gets colder. Music gets louder. Nights gets longer. Life gets better.” 

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Black Birthday

Hi everyone! how’s your summer going? I bet you all enjoyed your staycations from the different summer destinations here in the Philippines. before we say goodbye to the month of May, lemme have my outfit post first.

Month of May is very special to me. Not just because it’s summer, but it is also my birth month. Any guesses how old I am now? I think you already got it! Let’s just keep that as a secret. (wink)  LOL

My birthday celebration this year was as simple as last year. My friends and I went to SM Aura to Aura (kidding!)  and had a dinner slash mother’s day celebration with the Fambam at Romeo’s Restaurant, Antipolo which has the relaxing vibe due to the over looking view of the City Lights by night.

So for my birthday outfit, I just wanted it to be minimal yet very me. I think the best way to achieved that is to wear one of my happy colors.. Black. Yes I know what you’re thinking. “black is not a happy color”, “seriously? black on your special day?” blah blah blah. But the thing is I just woke up that day feeling like I’m a villain, more likely to be Maleficent and since I wanted it to be minimal yet very me, I decided to wear black all the way. Honestly I have no regrets with that. I couldn’t think of any color that would satisfy my inner villain that day other than black. And Seriously, If I only had a Maleficent-ish horn that day, I would wear it and rock the Maleficent peg all night long.

Here it is, I edited it in a dark way to achieved the villain vibe out of my outfit and hoping you’ll love it guys 🙂

asset (11)


asset (4) Silver mirror sunnies, Folded and Hung

asset (2) Gun metal ID necklace, Forever 21; Black crisp polo, Tailor’s made; Black shawl cardigan with leather, Forever 21

asset (3) (L) Bundle Bracelet, Topman; Silver watch, Swatch

(R) Gun metal barbed wire, Folded and Hung; Black stack ring and Black claw rings both from Chinatown

asset (1) Candy Wrapper Clutch Bag, Martin Maison margiela x H&M

asset Black skinny jeans, Forever 21; Black velvet loafers, Milanos

asset (10)

asset (7)

asset (6)

asset (8)

asset (5)

 “The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good on you.”   -Coco Chanel

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Versus x Versace

Hello guys! how’s your summer going? Unfortunately mine is so busy that I’m starting to think that I’m having a social suicidal these days! LOL  I’m assuming that all your bags are packed, selfie pods on hand, and vacay essential are all set up but I hope you guys still got time visiting my blog while enjoying your summer activities. 🙂

I did some Feline pegs in my past outfit posts but the pack wouldn’t be complete without the king of the Jungle. For me the main piece for this outfit is my Versus inspired bomber jacket with the iconic Versace Lion print in it. I wore just a simple Old navy V-neck tee and a black skinnies for the jacket not to be outshone by any other pieces. I was actually looking for a Chanel bombers with classic gold chains print but it was so hard to look for the right one so when I saw this at one of the dopest online shops, t’was another love at first sight for me. Bought it immediately. Since I have this tons of Gold Lion Accessories that could definitely match with  the jacket, I wore some of them all together with the jacket. And of course, Black-Gold is the combo that never fails to give me an elegance & sophisticated vibe. I know crop or muscle tops, shorty shorts and boots or sandals are so in because of the Summer Season but still I’m looking forward that with this outfit post and with the right amount of attitude in every outfit you wear, you can definitely pull off  Bomber Jackets in any season! 🙂

So here it is.. 🙂




necklace Gold Lion Chain Necklaces, SuperSale Bazaar

jacket  Versus inspired Bomber Jacket, Local Celebrity Manila; Black V-neck Shirt, Old Navy

bracelet  Gold Lion Chain Bracelet, Gold Lion Head Ring, Black Triangle Ring and Gold Plate Lion Ring, all from SuperSale Bazaar

bag  Transparent Clutch Bag with Gold studs, Tonic bags & shoes

shoes  Black skinny jeans, Forever 21; Toshi embro Shoes, Rajo! for Milanos



 “Reinvent new combinations of what you already own. Improvise. Become more creative. Not because you have to, but because you want to. Evolution is the secret for the next step.”   -Karl Lagerfeld

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Fantastic Four

Hello to my Geeky Readers out there! I’m busy bee these days that’s why if you observed, I only got one outfit post per month and I bet ya’ll wanna know why, right? I’ll share it tho some other time bec I am planning to relate or make that reason as for my future outfit post. Anyways I missed blogging. Not updating my blog gives me the feeling of guilt everyday and I wouldn’t let the month of march to end without having an outfit post.

I assume that you all heard about the remake of Fantastic Four. Any thoughts about the chosen stars to play the main characters? well for me, I’m hoping that they’ll own the role and gave justice to the fresh take of the movie but I’m missing Chris Evans tho as the Human Torch. He’s literally smokin’ hot from the F4 movies, if you watched it before and you know what I mean! (Wink) LOL

Fantastic Four is the main piece for this outfit post. One time when my friend and I were strolling around the mall, we found this ThriftSshop and that’s where I found the Hero of this outfit. Honestly, Thrift Shops are Heaven. This place is a treasure trove of not just affordable pieces but also unique, branded and vintage stuffs. I found there a legit Marvel Fantastic Four shirt in a mint condition, like never been worn at all. It was love at first sight all over again. My inner Rebecca Bloomwood woke up again and then here came the “compulsive buying” without checking the price tag (which later on that day, I found that it has same price as the brand new ones in the malls). I paired the main star with some pieces that works well with the color of the shirt. I also made DIY accessories for this one. Using my old Kinect Toy (lego-ish type of toy from 90’s) gave me the ultimate flashback of my childhood. Ugh! Time Flies so fast..

Here it is 🙂



earringComic print &  Black Matte triangle Earring, both from Fudge Rock

necklaceKinect necklace, DIY

bodyFantastic Four Shirt, Marvel; Purple Cardigan, Mark & Spencer

hand(L) Yellow Rubber Spikes, Girlshoppe; White Monochrome Watch, Swatch; Bubble Bracelet, WSN; Titanium Ring, Silverworks; Blue Beaded Ring, DIY

(R) Kinect Cuff, DIY; White round Ring, Chinatown

bagSilver Structured Hologram Clutch Bag, Tonic bags & shoes

shoes Khaki pants, Forever21; Blue Desert Boots, Topman






 “Playing Dress-up begins at age Five and never truly ends.”   -Kate Spade

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Prom 2014

February is almost over but what comes first from your mind when you heard the month of Feb? Birthdays? Valentine’s day? Gal-entine’s day? Proms? Monthsaries? Anniversaries? Enough! I think I already got the keyword. Prom.

I graduated from a conservative Catholic School in Manila way back in my High School days so rules are strictly implemented. I enjoyed my 2 prom moments tho but in the Fashion Department, that’s the flop part. So now I just wanna turn back time and share what will be my possible Prom Outfit looks like if I were to have one in the present year. If I could just only literally do it all over again and make my own prom, I’ll be more Rebel. No rules and restrictions to abide, dope music til dawn, and over flowing of drinks like a party realness. And for my outfit? T’will be very Me, more like a Bad Gal, mixed of Formal & Street, and a fresh early 2014 take to the usual boring prom outfit. If that only really happened in a twisted turn of events, I might have took home the only award or title that I wanted so bad that night, The Trendsetter award.

For the pieces I wore, I have some redesigning with my old Blazer which I wore here before from one of my outfit posts. I removed the studs and added some pins to add a military flare to the simple black blazer. My Camo top and bottom are both from Forever 21. While Jeremy Scott is busy rocking the House of Moschino and bringing it back to the top track, I scored a vintage Moschino pouch from our family’s treasure trove. My Booties was love at first sight! It has the exact texture, color, & shape that I’m looking for in a booties not to mention it’s fold-able and budget-friendly. The White Bow Tie added points to the Formal section while the Gold Stack Rings speaks loudly for a Bad Gal behavior.

Here it is..

securedownload (12)

securedownload (6)

securedownload Black Blazer, Thrifted; Camo Sheer Top, Forever 21; White Bow Tie, Folded & Hung

securedownload (1) Gold Vintage Casio Watch, LovemyBlingz; Gold Chains Bracelet, DIY; Gold Stacks Ring, Chinatown

securedownload (2) Vintage Black Patent Pouch, Moschino

securedownload (3) Camo Pants, Forever 21; Black Booties, Milanos

securedownload (10)

securedownload (11)

securedownload (8)

securedownload (9)

securedownload (7)  “When I am putting looks together, I dare myself to make something work. I always look for the most interesting silhouette or something that’s a little off, but I have to figure it out. I have to make it me. I think that’s the Thrill in Fashion”   -Rihanna

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Hello guys and happy Chinese New Year! I’ve been and will always be busy these days so expect for a less outfit posts. At least I have one for this month tho, I’ll try to make bawi next month if ever I have time! LOL


My inspo for this look is Kings or Royalties but obviously it is more likely to be Street-swag than the usual Glam outfits like the one we see in the movies or big screens. I’m also currently obsessed with Lorde more particularly to her songs like Team & Royals. And since I’m a self confessed Queen B too, those ideas supplemented me to have the title “Royals”. Now for the cool pieces I wore, I found this King over-sized hoodie which I got for a discounted price (STEAL!), Celine inspired mirror sunnies, and Yellow leopard socks all from Black Sheep. I wish I scored their King Snapback tho bec when I was about to buy it, it’s already out of stock. Good thing my fellow blogger , Ms. Bea Benedicto has this awesome Botique at Makati (Bea’s Place) that sells cute stuffs like a King of Spade Snapback. Such a relief to finally found a good replacement. My bag for this look wasn’t also exactly what i had in mind when I came up with this look, I was also about to buy an ADR King of Spade Clutch Bag late last year but it was out of stock too so I just wore my synthetic leather Merse (Man-Purse) from JhaJing. ‘Twas hard coming up or like putting on together some stuffs for this OOTD but I still managed it. I’m sure somehow you’ve met the same dilemma but being Resourceful is the key! Trust me it will help you big time and no problemo will come in your way.

Here it is, to the inner Royalty in all of us!


56bf7f80-7731-4960-822d-c4b10dc08550 King of Spade Snapback, Angel Strings

92c69194-b83e-4abe-8a6e-45d6ecee8ad5 Celine inspired Mirror Sunnies, Black Sheep; Gold Lion with Chain Earrings, Forever 21

1f37d68e-7e73-4628-9961-dcdad535c6ca Over-sized King Hoodie, Black Sheep; Denim Shorts, Levi’s

9856ffe6-53b7-4a1b-aa0a-2344dfddf84b (L) Ice Leather Watch, Gift; Red Oblong Ring; Bubbles

(R) Two-headed Leopard Ring, SuperSale Bazaar; Gold Pointed Ring, Cravemore

22860348-3965-4c89-bd53-5151c89a45d1  Leather Merse, Jhajing


3f998123-1fb5-4e44-962e-fb8a87fed1b1 Yellow Leopard Socks, Black Sheep; Shoes, Nike





021c7c22-60ea-43b3-865e-0feda3146c6e  “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.”  -Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

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Swagger jagger

Merry Christmas Everybody! The Holidays are here. Are you dressed to impress?

I know it’s Christmas but since I wanted to be different, I avoided peg-ing all of the Christmas fuzz for my holiday style. Why not sport a look with a swag on a Christmas day. My inspo for this look is Riri (as always! LOL) and I also got inspired from Cher Lloyd’s Swagger Jagger Music Vid. The music is not so 2013 but still I love the beat and the clothes she wore? I was amazed! she definitely put a bad gal attitude to it. It was so sporty, so bizarre yet so dope! All of the looks embodied the street wear so perfectly. So it gave me so much ideas for an outfit. Good thing Varsity tees or Baseball tees are so in demand these days that I had to own one. New found friends like Boy London, Jeremy Scott, and Margiela made a good trio connection for this one. Here it is, hope you’ll love it guys as much as you love unwrapping your gifts.. 🙂



f5916b07-d6b8-4c07-90f4-c37f85b3b1be Boy London Snapback, Heur Sheen 

b29d2585-2312-4f12-9630-593eed5270b6 Big Two-Toned Chain Necklace, WSN; Silver Lion Necklace, SuperSale Bazaar; Three-Toned Chain Necklace, Topman

fa95c0f2-8998-4e08-9489-7e5ec84a0a3e Jersey Shirt, IMPRINTGRAFFITEE; Pants, Forever 21

32c5eacb-3dee-4de1-8b54-61146ea28aa5 (L) Love the Way you Lie Baller, Me & You; Casio Watch, Gift; Silver Bracelet, Charriol; Finger Cuffs, Glorietta

(R) Roman Numerals Cuff, Gift; Black Star Ring, Rebel gear, White leather with Studs Ring, Chinatown

a27d4206-f837-4242-89c9-f361edf4f145 Silver Candy Wrapper Clutch Bag, H&M x Martin Maison Margiela; Black Mesh Cardigan, Thrifted

8b516d99-4961-43fb-8bb3-62d2e7dbf50f Leopard Sneakers, Adidas x Jeremy Scott





8e09fcba-4742-4f4d-b263-5b6ed893e219 “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”  -Coco Chanel

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